The Genessis Models Show
(August 2013)


At the upcoming Genessis-Models show we'll be looking at Eduard's new Spitfire 1/48 Scale, as well as Vallejo's surface primer. This will be followed by the announcement of the winner of our July 2013 competition, and the launch of the new August 2013 competition, plus much more.



Genessis-models August 2013 Competition


Please click on the image to follow the instructions on how to enter this free online competition for Eduards new Spitfire 1/48 Scale x 3









Friday 30th August 2013 News Update




Hobbyboss : F-14D Super Tomcat : Step by Step Video build 1/48 Scale : Episode.25


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Trumpeter : Challenger 2 MBT : 1/35 Scale : Step By Step Video Build : Episode.6


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Friday 23rd August 2013 News Update




Hobbyboss : F-14D Super Tomcat : Step by Step Video build 1/48 Scale : Episode.24


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Mr Hobby : Mr.Surfacer Modeling Filler 500, 1000 & 1200 Grade : Product Review / Tutorial


Product Review / Tutorial




Mr. Surfacer Filler: An Ideal Option for Scale Modelling



If model building is a favourite hobby or past time activity, you will definitely enjoy this new product on the market. Many people face the dilemma of filling those tiny and hard to get places simply because most of the fillers are thick and do not cover the surface effectively. However, there is a better solution now that will greatly improve your scale modelling tremendously. This will enable you not only to enjoy your work but to become a professional model maker.


Mr. Surfacer is magnificent paintable filler for filling tiny and fine gaps in your scale modelling. The products come in three types that include: 500, 1000 and 1200 grades. You will find a wide range of modelling tutorials at Genesis Models on how the product can be efficiently used. Great for finishing off those tiny little gaps, you can also use it for 45 and 90 degree angles with ease. The three grades are named depending on the thickness with 500 grades being the thickest while 1200 grades are the thinnest.


How to Use


Right before opening any of the fillers, ensure you give a good shake. The lids tend to get a little messy, and extra caution is necessary when opening. A good way is to open and scrape off any liquid on the lid to preventing it getting on your work surface.


Next step is to dip in a small old paint brush and paint the filler on your model. Being a very thin filler, you will find that it evaporates and shrinks back in no time. Ensure that you give the surface 2 or 3 coats to get the gaps filled in. However, the most recommendable method is to apply the thickest filler first and follow up with the thinner filler in order to get a fine and smooth finish. The 1200 grade is so thin that it even drips off the paintbrush.


The modelling tutorials will advise the same when it comes to filling the angled gaps in the model you might be working on.


Afterwards, you can use cellulose thinner which works best on Mr. Surfacer to clean your paint brush. The filler just like many others tends to dry on the brush thus destroying it.


For 45 or 90 degree angles, you can rehydrate with Cellulose Thinner or Mr. Colour Levelling thinners to remove any excess liquid on the surface, thus leaving behind enough filler on the angle. However, you will find that the Mr. Colour Levelling thinners are the best way to remove the filler.




Although great for filing those small gaps, this filler cannot handle massive jobs and is only ideal for small seam line gaps.


It is available in the Far East and increasing in popularity as more online stores are stocking the fillers. Highly affordably priced you can now get it for only £5.50 giving you great value for your money.


The best thing about Mr. Surface fillers is that they are very thin compared to other products thus a good option for filling those tiny gaps in your models. They can also be used for primers making them incomparable filler in the market.




Genesis models definitely recommend this filler for those who engage in scale modelling.








Friday 9th August 2013 News Update



On Holiday From 10th to the 17th August




Hobbyboss : F-14D Super Tomcat : Step by Step Video build 1/48 Scale : Episode.23


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Trumpeter : Challenger 2 MBT : 1/35 Scale : Step By Step Video Build : Episode.5


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Vallejo : Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer : Product Review / Tutorial


Product Review / Tutorial




The Genessis Models' product review and tutorial video, "Vallejo: Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer: Product Review / Tutorial" highlights Vallejo's grey, polyurethane paint primer. Professional modeler and model building instructor Bobby Waldron highly recommends this primer, but cautions that it has to be well shaken up before use because it tends to separate if left standing for a while.


The mixture Bobby recommends is 50% thinners to 50% Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer mixed together well by stirring it up in the Airbrush well. The model Bobby used for the video was a 1/48 scale model of a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. The first coat applied to the model was a very light mist and was let dry before being followed by two additional coats of primer. Bobby commented that viewers need only touch the dried primer surface to appreciate why it's the perfect primer


Bobby explained that when the primer is applied and dried, imperfections such as seam lines may become apparent that were not noticed previously. These of course need to be sanded down and primered again before the model can be painted. Bobby cautioned that Vallejo's Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer require 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. Attempting to sand down seam lines will result in the primer peeling. A day or two is a long time to wait to continue a project, so Bobby shared a great tip.


Bobby demonstrated how Pledge's Multi-Surface Wax Cleaner could be applied to a surface coated in not yet fully dried Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer. Apparently a chemical process that occurs with the Pledge's Multi-Surface Wax Cleaner is sprayed over the Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer allows sanding almost immediately without there being any peeling of the primer.


The closing recommendation is that the Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primer, being a very light grey in colour, is the perfect base for any colour of paint to be applied, but especially whites.


Author: Len Bowcott.








Friday 2nd August 2013 News Update




Hobbyboss : F-14D Super Tomcat : Step by Step Video build 1/48 Scale : Episode.22


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Acrylic Home Brew Thinners : Tutorial



Genessis-Models - A Novice Modellers' Saviour


I needed a hobby, something I could apply myself to when the weather made golf and gardening an unpleasant past time. Last week I accompanied my wife to the mall, which is a rare occurrence because shopping is something I compare to a root canal when it comes to desirable ways to spend my time. As we strolled about, we passed a hobby shop. I excused myself from the hunt for the perfect pair of women's shoes, promising I'd be in the shop when the time came to head home.


Much of the shelf space was dedicated to model cars, planes, trains, battlefield recreations, tanks and ships. I'm a history buff, and I like to think I have an eye for detail, so modelling appealed to me. I selected a World War Two Messerschmitt Bf-109E in 1/48 scale. When it came to selecting paints and thinners I must have exhausted my allotted time with the clerk because he recommended I visit a website called Genessis-Models, at to learn about building model.


At home I visited the Genessis-Models website, which offers a forum, store, news, and a photo gallery, but my attention was caught by the link to videos. One video in particular that caught my eye was titled, "Home Brew Thinners". Having just purchased the tiniest bottle of thinners I'd ever seen for double what I was used to paying for a gallon of paint thinners I thought I'd have a look.


AI'd just spent the better part of eight pounds for a couple of hundred millilitres of acrylic thinners, so I was thinking model building was going to be a costly hobby. To learn from watching Bobby Waldron's informative video that I could economically create gallons of my own, home brew thinners was a welcome revelation. I immediately subscribed to both the website and to Bobby's YouTube channel at


For other novices reading this, Genessis-Models is for anyone interested in modelling, from a total novice like myself, to advanced modellers. The Genessis Models website is a great place to pick up tips, tricks and a wide range of techniques to build first class models. The on-site forum is the ideal place to have any questions answered, to find solutions to problems, or get advice on how to avoid problems in the first place.


I regret not finding Bobby Waldron's Genessis Models website and videos before I started my modelling hobby on a whim, but now that I have I'm a faithful follower. Thanks to Genessis-Models I've managed to save money and turn out some models I doubt I could have without having Bobby's advice and tutorial videos to go by.


Author: Len Bowcott.






Friday 26th July 2013 News Update




Hobbyboss : F-14D Super Tomcat : Step by Step Video build 1/48 Scale : Episode.21


4 4




Trumpeter : Challenger 2 MBT : 1/35 Scale : Step By Step Video Build : Episode.4


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Hobbyboss : TBM-3 Avenger Torpedo Bomber 1/48 Scale : Final Conclusion







Spitfire Group Build




Start Date 3rd July 2013 : End Date 3rd December 2013








Best Overall Spitfire

F-14B Tomcat by Hobbyboss 1/48 scale


Best NewComer / Beginner

F-4B Phantom Academy 1/48 Scale


Most Original

F-80C Shooting Star 1/32 Scale


With more to follow as the months go on

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Recently built models in the Gallery section of the Website


Here is the HobbyBoss 1/48 Scale F-14D Super Tomcat US Navy



Here is the Tamiya 1/48 Scale P-51D Mustang, This build has been made in to a Rapid video build.




Monogram : PBY/OA-10A Catalina : 1/48 Scale




Hobby Boss TBM-3 Avenger Torpedo Bomber 1/48 Scale