Ammo Sanding Sticks : Product Review

ammo sanding sticks pr tn

Ammo Sanding Sticks

  • Manufacturer: Ammo
  • Scale:
  • Area: Sanding
  • Camera Angels: 4
  • Camera Definition: Full HD
  • Presented By: Bobby Waldron
  • item No: AMIG8568

Ammo Mig Jimenez, Contour Sanding Sticks
Assortment of 6 sanding sticks with different grits: 120/180/240/320/1200/1500.

Designed for precise sanding jobs on small, delicate or hard-to-reach parts at just 4 mm, just a bit over 1/8” wide. We recommend using the coarse grits to gradually eliminate the most prominent defects, while the two finest grits should be used to obtain an extremely fine and smooth finish, leaving the surface ready for painting. Can be used on a full range of materials including resin, metal, wood and, of course plastic. It can be used both dry and moistened with water.

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Ammo Sanding Sticks : Product Review

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