Winsor & Newton : Matt UV Varnish : Product Review

matt uv varnish

Matt UV Varnish

  • Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
  • Scale:
  • Area: Airbrushing
  • Camera Angels: 1
  • Camera Definition: Full HD
  • Presented By: Bobby Waldron
  • item No: ??

Professional artists know that varnishing your finished work is an important step, and one that should not be neglected. Varnishes act as a protective, sacrificial layer over your finished artwork, protecting it from dirt and grease and other airborne pollutants, which would otherwise come into contact with the paint.

This varnish also contain a UV protective agent which improves lightfastness and protects from other UV damage such as fading or colour shifting in tone. This varnish is therefore particularly beneficial when coming to varnish non-lightfast media, such as digital print or giclée prints for example.

There are three Artists’ Acrylic Varnishes available depending on your desired finish, Matt, Gloss and Satin. These varnishes dry to an even finish and can be intermixed to vary the result to achieve any sheen.

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Winsor & Newton : Matt UV Varnish : Product Review

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