Freedom Models : X-47B : 1/48 Scale Model : Basic Step by Step Video Build


  • Manufacturer: Freedom Models
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Step By Step Level: basic
  • Presented By: Bobby waldron
  • Number of Episodes: 15
  • Camera Angels: 4
  • Camera Definition: Full HD
  • PE Parts Used: No
  • painting Mask Used: No
  • Resin Parts Used: no
  • Kit Used No: 18001


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The Northrop Grumman X-47B is a demonstration unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) designed for aircraft carrier-based operations. Developed by the American defense technology company Northrop Grumman, the X-47 project began as part of DARPA’s J-UCAS program, and subsequently became part of the United States Navy’s Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration (UCAS-D) program. The X-47B is a tailless jet-powered blended-wing-body aircraft capable of semi-autonomous operation and aerial refueling.

The X-47B first flew in 2011, and as of 2015, its two active demonstrators have undergone extensive flight and operational integration testing, having successfully performed a series of land- and carrier-based demonstrations. In August 2014, the US Navy announced that it had integrated the X-47B into carrier operations alongside manned aircraft, and by May 2015 the aircraft’s primary test program was declared complete. The X-47B demonstrators themselves were intended to become museum exhibits after the completion of their flight testing, but the Navy later decided to maintain them in flying condition pending further development.

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1/48 Scale


Freedom Models

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Aircraft Modern, Aircraft Post WWII

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