Trumpeter : Tweezers Set : 4 in Set


  • Manufacturer: Trumpeter
  • Tool Type: tweezers
  • Contents: 4x tweezers plus caps
  • Item No: 09957

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  • Set contains 4 different tweezers
  • Set contains 1 x fine tip long straight tweezers, 1 x fine tip curved tweezers, 1 x fine tip straight tweezers & 1 x flat end tweezers
  • 4 different styles of tweezers allowing for a vast array of modelling applications all in one set

Trumpeter Tools Tweezers Set (4) has a section of 4 different metal tweezers all in one handy set to allow you to perform a multitude of different modelling tasks.

Tweezers are an essential modelling tool as many of a kits components are too small to be handled & positioned accurately with our fingers alone.

This variety of tweezers contained in this set means you will be equipped to pick up, move & place all kinds of shaped kit parts with precision & control.

Additional information

Weight 92 g
Dimensions 240 × 95 × 10 mm
Tools Type

Clamping, Miscellaneous




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