Airbrush Safety : Extractor Fan And Face mask Safety : Tutorial

Airbrush Safety : Extractor Fan And Face mask Safety : Tutorial

Airbrush Safety

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  • Modeling Area: Airbrushing & Safety
  • Special Tools: Face mask, Extractor fan
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Tips For Airbrush Safety

Some ideas to consider when airbrushing include:

– Buy A Spray Booth – the emphasis here should really be on the buying part. Building your own spray booth is a risky idea as it can lead to even more dangers, as these devices aren’t rigorously tested to industry standards. A spray booth extracts the harmful fumes that can cause serious harm to you, and also can carry the risk of fire or explosion

– Use a well ventilated area – even after you have invested in a spray booth, it is sensible to airbrush in an area that is spacious and well ventilated to nullify the risk of damage to your body from the fumes and any risk of explosion.

– Wear a Face Mask – your safety is the most important thing to consider when you are using any form of chemicals that can cause you harm. Therefore it is important to invest in a face mask to protect your airways and your eyes if possible.

Other Airbrush Safety Tips

One of the main things about airbrush safety is to employ common sense. Don’t take unnecessary risks that would put you or those around you in danger. Before you set out on a project that requires airbrushing, then make sure that you have all of the appropriate personal protective equipment before you begin. If you can’t use a spray booth or can’t justify the layout of the cost then it is definitely worth making sure you have a face mask and use an open space.

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Airbrush Safety : Extractor Fan And Face mask Safety : Tutorial

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